FEED CO-ED Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

F.E.E.D. Location: 366 N Broadway, Suite PHW-1, Jericho, NY 11553 - 516-513-1284

Recovery is possible!  F.E.E.D. is the essential next step!  F.E.E.D. provides meal time direction, symptom management and behavioral strategy skills.

Here at F.E.E.D, we pride ourselves on our COLLABORATING with referring treatment facilities, therapists, nutritionists, and physicians.

Our I.O.P. concentrates on the strengths within each unique individual. F.E.E.D. focuses on improving physical and emotional health now and for the future. 

This unique intensive outpatient program cycles for ten (10) weeks, three (3) evenings per/week, 6:00-9:00 pm.

What Makes F.E.E.D. Unique?

  • Tailored initial consultation and evaluation
  • Individual goal and treatment planning:  providing treatment services for both males and females
  • Small group setting focusing on: progressive eating direction, fundamental recovery tools, and a healthier body  image
  • Hands-0n relevant nutrition education
  • Extensive pre and post meal support
  • Theme-based weekly modules:
    1. Getting to know You/Me
    2. Family Time
    3. Body Beautiful
    4. Bright Futures
    5. Me, My SELF, and I
    6. Holding On and Letting Go
    7. Pro's and Con's of Comparison
    8. Dealing with Disappointment and Learning to Trust
  • Solution focused, strength-based approach
  • Experiential group: art therapy, yoga and movement, restaurant outings, food shopping and meal preparing experiences

FEED Your Way!
Tailored/Concierge Outpatient Services Just for YOU!

Enhance and Reinforce your Recovery!

WE will help with:

  • Food Shopping
  • Preparing and Cooking Meals
  • Dining In or Out
  • Ordering Food
  • Socializing and Eating
  • And MORE!

FEED Connect Program

Groups will meet for 3 hours- one night a week for an 8 week commitment

Weekly Connection Group to:

  • Maintain connection and community
  • Eat in a small, intimate group setting with others who are working on recovery
  • Confront your fear foods in a calm, caring, and supportive environment
  • Process physical and emotional feelings through pre-meal and post meal groups with the support of a nutritionist and/or therapist.

FEED (University)

Events and Education

Randi Zimmerman, LCSW-R, Director of Psychotherapy

F.E.E.D. Location: 366 N Broadway ~ Suite PHW-1 ~ Jericho, NY 11753 ~ 516-513-1284

* Services provided through a network of independent licensed professionals.